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Online Training Direct is your one source for online computer training. We provide the most valuable and most complete self-study materials for all kinds of IT certifications, including Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and more, which is what makes our online training courses the best out there.

If you are a computer professional you already know how difficult it can be to keep up the demands of your job while training for the future and keeping abreast of never-ending changes in technology. That is why the online education we are able to provide is so valuable. When you opt for an online training course, you free yourself from rigid schedules, and from the need to commute long hours to the classroom. Busy professionals love our online training courses since they can learn whenever they please. With eLearning courses, you never have to step foot in a classroom ever again!

With an online computer training course, the busy IT professional is free to train in a variety of desktop applications for Microsoft Office and Soft Skills. And since our technical online IT Certification Training is co-developed with Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, SAP and others, you can be assured you are getting the most complete training. With our online computer course, you can be sure that everything on the test will have been covered in the training material, which is why we offer such quality online courses.

Every business professional understands the value of distance learning, and the world of online IT Certification Training lends itself to this approach quite well indeed with our eLearning courses. With our online computer training courses, you are free to study from anywhere, from home, in the office or any location that is convenient to you. In order to successfully learn from our online courses, all you need is reliable Internet connection to log into your online account.

Here at Online Training Direct, we understand the value of quality continuing online computer training, and we strive to make that training a reality at a realistic pace and an affordable cost. Whether you are a network administrator studying for MCSE certification or a database administrator going for Oracle certification, we are able to provide the training materials and knowledge you need, with greater convenience and lower cost than a traditional classroom setting. Right now our Microsoft Office training courses and our Microsoft Excel training are our most popular eLearning courses since everybody works with these programs some way or another.

Everyone working in the IT field, as well as those who wish to enter the IT field, understand the power of a Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle or SAP certification. Those who hold these certifications enjoy far greater earning power than those who do not, as well as greater respect from their peers and bosses alike. Employers know that they can count on those holding a MCSE, CCNA, or other certification to have mastered the skills needed to complete any task to which they are assigned, and the career potential for certified IT professionals is virtually without limit. The online training and distance learning opportunities we have here at Online Training Direct provide the goal of becoming certified and knowledgeable professional a reality. Take one of our Microsoft Office training courses today and you will be hooked on our online computer training courses. We have so many online course titles to choose from that you will want to take them all! Online training is great for young and old!

Using Microsoft Project to Manage Resources

One of the many features of Microsoft Project is the ability to manage resources and assign resources to tasks from within the software. Because of the complexities involved in project management, this application is also complex with a dizzying amount of features to master. In order to get the most out of using Project, Microsoft Project Training is a must. In the meantime, here's a brief look at using Project 2007 for resource management. Keep in mind that Microsoft Project 2007 Training will provide you with much more detail.

Resources are people, equipment, and materials used to complete a project. In addition, enterprise, non-enterprise, and generic resources can be added to MS Project projects. Enterprise resources are resources for the entire organization such as employees who are regularly available to work on projects. Non-enterprise resources are local and used only on your project such as an outside consultant that you hire for the project. Generic resources are used to specify the staffing requirements such as “web designer” or “accountant” and can later be replaced using the Resource Substitution Wizard.

Depending on the type of resource you are adding, several different techniques are used for adding resources to the project. In general, you will need to go to the View menu and choose Resource Sheet. From there, you will either work with the Table to enter resources or you will go to the Tools menu and choose Build Team from Enterprise.

Once you have a list of resources input into Project, you can assign them to specific tasks, remove or replace resources, assign work to a team, distribute project work evenly, view resource workloads and availability, share resources in a resource pool, and much more – if you know what you are doing.

In addition to courses covering Project 2007, Microsoft Project 2003 Training is designed for the 2003 version of the software.


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